Ella Vos Music Video: You Don't Know About Me

Ella Vos' 'You Don't Know About Me' is for anyone who's ever been
labeled or judged incorrectly and unfairly.  

We wanted this video to feel as intimate and raw as possible, so we shot it in my garage using only one light to highlight each person.  We wanted everyone to get as bare as they felt comfortable with and I loved seeing how each person chose to reveal themselves.  I actually had a great conversation with the editor, Mariana, about some of the nudity in the video and how for me, five years ago, I'd be very hesitant about being in it.  But over the years, my personal journey has brought me to this place where I want to celebrate the female body and I was super excited when Ella came to me with this idea because I couldn't wait to bring her message to life visually.  I think with everything going on politically and socially, this song and this video is so important.   I think it's so easy to have opinions about others, but we need to constantly remind ourselves that we don't know their story or their journey and hearing this song or watching this video is a good reminder to take a step back and remind ourselves that that nothing is ever how it appears to be.  

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