Ella Vos Music Video: White Noise

On January 21st, hours after I marched with 750,000 others in downtown Los Angeles for the Women's March in America, I directed a music video for artist Ella Vos.  With the exception of our cinematographer, the video was created and produced by women.  The story behind the song is powerful.  Shortly after having her first child, Ella Vos' struggled with Post-Partum Depression.  As a way to cope, she wrote 'White Noise' to share her thoughts and feelings about what it was like being a new mother with PPD .  When we were discussing ideas for the video and Ella revealed the meaning of the song and sent over a few visual ideas.  From there, we went back and forth on how we could create a video that feels dark, emotional, and visually represents what it feels like to struggle with a mental disorder.


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